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  • Liflicon silicone cutting board is scratched after use?

    After someone used liflicon silicone cutting board,I found that the cutting board was scratched and I was very nervous.Come to ask, what's going on?Unified genealogy:It is normal to cut vegetables

    2020/07/02 328

  • The correct use of non-stick pan!

    As the saying goes, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, cooking with fire, without rice, or without suitable kitchen utensils! We often say "pots and pans", the pot is ranked first, indeed, who can live away from the pot at home. With a higher standard of living, there are more types of pots. Among them, non-stick pots are more popular nowadays. The non-stick pan is actually an advanced version of an ordinary pan with a layer of coating on the inner surface. A commonly used coating is PTFE

    2020/07/02 86

  • Is silicone daily necessities safe?

    It is difficult to say qualitatively whether silicone household goods are safe, because the key here is the nature of the manufacturer. Even if it is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly material such as silicone, once there is a lack of monitoring, unsafe factors will inevitably appear. Many silicone daily necessities on the market come from small workshops that lack control. Then the safety of these products is doubtful. &Nb

    2020/07/02 76

  • How to identify the pros and cons of silicone daily necessities

    How to identify the pros and cons of silicone daily necessities? There are numerous silicone daily necessities on the market, and there are countless manufacturers. How to identify the pros and cons of products among many products, and choose qualified products that meet the safety regulations of regular manufacturers? Take a look at the registered trademarks. Silicone daily necessities with registered trademarks can be used with confidence. Registered trademark refers to a trademark approved and registered by the relevant government department, protected by law, trademark registrant

    2020/07/02 181

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