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Dolphin Learner Sippy Cup

1, 100% Food grade silicone spout and body, PP and PPSU holder

2, Dedicated ring handle designed for easy hold; transitioning infants out of a bottle to a sippy cup when they begin trying to hold the bottle themselves

3, Spill proof spout design; soft silicone spout tip opening for easy drinking and prevents hurting infant gum during drinking

4, Soft silicone bottle body for tender holding and comes with scale mark; it is easy for parents to hold and check the liquid amount during feeding and preparation, elder infants can drink comfortably when learning to drink

5, Suitable for sterilization at a temperature of 248℉/120℃

6, Snug fit lid for on-the-go; making it spill-proof and hygiene always

Dimensions: 150ml
Weight: 135g
Heat Resistant: 248℉/120℃
Material: Silicone; PP;PPSU
Available Colors: