Material Advantages:
Silicone is derive from natural ore and the major component is SiO2 · nH2O which is nanoscale molecular structure, it‘s non-toxic, odorless and have a good chemical stability, What’s more, it doesn’t react with any other material except to strong alkaline and hydrofluoric acid. The food-grade silicone used by Liflicon is same as the sand and quartz from nature and the major component of glass and ceramics. it‘s a Healthy, Nontoxic and Safe material. 

Brand Advantages:
Liflicon is located in Garden City of Singapore. It was founded by two good friends with a deep concern for the environment and well-being of the public. They were distressed to see the widespread use of plasticizers causing substancial damage to the environment and public health.
With a strong belief in the use of Silicone – a safe and eco-friendly material - they created Liflicon to promote the use of Silicone in lifestyle products. Liflicon strives to deliver user-friendly innovative designs and quality assured products. In championing the use of Silicone for household items, more can enjoy the health and environmental benefits of Silicone products, ensuring a healthier, eco-friendlier, and more fulfilling lifestyle for all.
Liflicon has a grown-up international team——HQ Singapore(R&D, Sales&Marketing), Singapore&Shanghai (Design Consultant), China/Suzhou Operation center(R&D, Sales&Marketing), China/Suzhou(Factory). We are capable of providing the high quality silicone kitchen& houseware products and professional brand service.