Welcome to Liflicon —— Lifestyle Silicone, many thanks for visiting our website and exploring our innovative product ranges that are holistically made of Food Grade Silicone material.
All products are Safe,  Eco-friendly FDA/LFGB approved & BPA Free Silicone material.
Why Silicone ?
Silicone are non-toxic, harmless and environmental friendly material which has very good stabilities, do not have any reaction with other material, food or drinks or produce any hazardous fumes. One of it's greatest properties is its extreme low and high temperature resistance ranging between -55 to 300 degree Celsius ; good for the freezer and cooking pan / microwave oven.    
As our lifestyle momentum are getting faster, there we hope to have better Kitchen Utensils that can easily cook healthy food, ease for preparation/use, not complicated, simple / fast, easy to clean/wash ! 
Therefore good kitchen utensils can mean a lot to home housewives & chefs. But many a time keeping all these Cooking, Baking and Kitchen Gadgets clean and fresh like new are cumbersome and can be headache. e.g. cleaning up a wooden turner after frying; oil, stains, burns get into the wood ! , nylon spatula burn / stain marks cannot be removed,  looking unsanitary and all these can be resolved by using our Innovative Designed, Safe and Eco-friendlier Food Grade Silicone Products.
Our Brand & Promise
Liflicon is located in Garden City of Singapore. It was founded by two good friends with a deep concern for the environment and well-being of the public.They were distressed to see the widespread use of plasticizers causing substantial damage to the environment and public health.With a strong belief in the use of Silicone – a safe and eco-friendly material - they created Liflicon to promote the use of Silicone in lifestyle products. 
Liflicon strives to deliver user-friendly innovative designs and quality assured products. In championing the use of Silicone for household items, more can enjoy the health and environmental benefits of Silicone products, ensuring a healthier, more eco-friendly and fulfilling lifestyle for all.